My name is Joshua Chappell, a software developer from Columbia, SC. I worked on a national performance management software platform for 8 years, and am now a consultant, at VC3.


I liked to consider myself the "platform" guy on the Enrich product. I handled much of the non-"exotic", but foundational pieces of the application.

Some cool things I've been able to do:
  • Built a custom ETL framework to provide data integrations with products from multiple vendors, in a variety of hosting scenarios, and with high levels of data availability and quality.
  • Designed and built a highly-available remote agent to facilitate secure data transfer between customer and vendor hosting environments.
  • Designed and built an online content repository.
  • Architect for the product’s RESTful APIs.

About Me

tl;dr; I'm a nerd.



Here's the first one I ever built in 2010. It didn't do much, but slowly drive it's way into my heart (and then usually in a circle).

My First Robot


I volunteered with FIRST for about 7 years, and loved every bit of it!

My first competition in 2005!

My First Competition
My penultimate competition in 2010
My First Competition


Not very good at it, but it hasn't slowed me down. Sydney Skyline (I somehow managed to chop off a very dramatic and moody Syndey Opera House in this photo)


Here's a Map of some of the places I've visited.